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This is open to everyone so every member can see if a staff member does something wrong.
Obviously, report it if it happens.

Our Strike system
Every two weeks, Strikes are going to reset.
1 Strike: Just a warning
2 Strike: We take off your rank for a week, and will most likely re-promote you after
3 Strike: You're out of the team.

Depending on your action, you may receive two strikes at once, or even three if it's something very disrespectful toward the server rules such as Advertising an IP.
Now here's the list of how you could get Strike.
  • Cursing in chat; Value 1 Strike; It is very unprofessional as a Staff Member to cuss in the global chat
  • Insulting a player; Value 1 or 2 Strikes; Insulting a player is an essential server rule, it's more than unprofessional it's disrespectful to a player that could not ever come back on the server just because of that, we will not tolerate it.
  • Banning, temp banning, muting, kicking without a GOOD reason or a 'joke' reason such as ''ey guys join play.ugottrolledby.Me''; As a staff member, we expect you to understand jokes. Value 1 Strike
  • Arguing with a staff member higher or lower grade in the global chat; Value 2 strikes; Again, very unprofessional.
  • Advertising in ANY form will result in 3 Strikes (Instant demotion)
  • Messing around (Tping to players, tp players to you, put blocks on their base, etc) ; Value 1 Strike ; I understand you want to have fun, But you cannot tp to players, unless they tell you to tp, and if they do, I'd ask you to go in vanish first (will be added for every staff members) and then tp, to be sure they are not in any other player's base, so player doesn't get confused and start being mean to you, etc.
  • GIVING stuff to players result in 2 Strikes, should be well known for staff.
Before we start - ALL applications considering Sponsorships MUST be sent to the following EMail:
[email protected]
If you are a Content Creators, we will ask you to join our Content Creators private Discord server, so you are required to have Discord and use it frequently in case we have a meeting, or we have to talk to you directly.
All content creators and advertisers will have the same rank in game which is called the following

The Requirements:
  • YouTube:
  1. Avg 10,000 views per video after one week
  2. At least one video a week on the server
  3. You agree NOT to get paid unless offered in the first place (Depends on the number of views you get per videos)
  4. You have at least 5,000 subscribers
  5. All stats are checked via Socialblade - We will see if you have the potential of growing so there can be exceptions, you are free to try, just send an EMail!
  • Twitch:
  1. At least 1,000 followers
  2. Avg viewer count of 30+
  3. You agree NOT to get paid unless offered in the first place (Depends on your viewer count)
  4. All stats are checked via Socialblade - We will see if you have the potential of growing so there can be exceptions, you are free to try, just send an EMail!
  • Other Advertisers:
  1. Criteria will change between companies - Send me an EMail.
Welcome to the BlockGame Staff Team.
Have you ever wished of becoming a member of the Staff Team at BlockGame?
Wait no longer, just apply!

Staff Applications Status: OPEN
If you wish to apply, go to FORUMS - Under Applications, you should see a "Helper Application" tab, click it, then there you go you can apply!
There are some requirements through that you will need to follow.
We are expecting a considerable player database.
Remember - You can NOT apply for any position higher than Helper.

The Helper Rank:
The helper rank gives you the ability to moderate the chat and the discord server as well as the website.
You do not have as many permissions as the Moderator rank.
The Helper Status is a training process of becoming a real staff member at BlockGame.
The Helper rank has a duration of about 2 - 3 months. If after two months we think you are ready, we will promote you, if we think you need some more time, we will wait for a third month, if after the third month we still see no progress, you are removed from the staff team.

Before applying please be aware of the following rules:
• You must be 13 years or older. (Note: Exceptions can be made for exceptionally mature people with great applications.)
• Donating is proof that you dedicated to the Network. It may help but is not required.
• Do not contact staff members regarding your application; this will result in an instant denial.
Hello everybody,

If you found yourself viewing this post, it is most commonly a result of wanting to use the discord and/or link your in-game rank to the forums. As noted, to use the BlockGame discord, following the process below is a must. The process below will grant you your in-game rank on all platforms (eg. Supreme in game, Supreme on discord and forums).

If any problems persist, please email [email protected].

1. First off, connect to the BlockGame network. This action can be done on any server on the network. Next, type /key into chat. This should prompt you with a similar message as seen below. It is strongly recommended down this 6-digit key onto a piece of paper or post it. This is because when you type /key again, it generates a completely different number string. Now click the discord link that is in chat to open your browser and view the servers discord.


This is what will open on your browser after login into your discord account. Please click "Accept Invite" to be transferred onto the servers discord.

3. Ensure that you are on the BlockGame discord by clicking the arcade icon as pointed out by the blue arrow. Then click the #linking text channel that is highlighted by the blue box.


4. In the chat section within...​