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Hello everybody,

If you found yourself viewing this post, it is most commonly a result of wanting to use the discord and/or link your in-game rank to the forums. As noted, to use the BlockGame discord, following the process below is a must. The process below will grant you your in-game rank on all platforms (eg. Supreme in game, Supreme on discord and forums).

If any problems persist, please email [email protected].

1. First off, connect to the BlockGame network. This action can be done on any server on the network. Next, type /key into chat. This should prompt you with a similar message as seen below. It is strongly recommended down this 6-digit key onto a piece of paper or post it. This is because when you type /key again, it generates a completely different number string. Now click the discord link that is in chat to open your browser and view the servers discord.


This is what will open on your browser after login into your discord account. Please click "Accept Invite" to be transferred onto the servers discord.

3. Ensure that you are on the BlockGame discord by clicking the arcade icon as pointed out by the blue arrow. Then click the #linking text channel that is highlighted by the blue box.


4. In the chat section within...​